2017 SkinnyFest Event Schedule


Sept 14th

6:30pm Skinny's awesome Thursday night Jam.

Bring your instrument and join the open jam session.

Everyone is welcome!

7:30pm Poplar Ridge

8:30pm Vogler and Grooms

9:00pm Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time


Sept 15th

5:00pm Sound Check

6:00pm Kepp Road Boys (KRB)

7:00pm 7Mile Bluegrass Band

8:00pm Sidetrak

9:00pm Surly Gentleman

10:30pm Bluegrass Mafia


Sept 16th

2:00pm Sound Check

3:00pm Kepp Road Boys (KRB)

4:00pm Larry Gillis

5:00pm Sideline

6:00pm Master's Bouquet

7:00pm Kepp Road Boys (KRB)

8:00pm 7Mile Bluegrass Band

9:00pm Bluegrass Mafia

10:00pm Sideline

11:00pm Larry Gillis